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Custom Shoes

City Shoe Repair has added a new line of custom-made men’s dress shoes and custom-made men’s and women’s golf shoes by Tauer & Johnson. You no longer have to pick style or comfort - get both! Contact Us today for a personal shoe fitting.

Tauer & Johnson Catalogs

Original Fall Collection Catalog

Best Seller Mini Catalog

Golf Mini Catalog

Wide or Narrow Feet - No Worries!

Tauer & Johnson’s made-to-order custom shoes are crafted using the finest leather and sole materials. Perfect for the discriminating buyer. Available in any size and width, these shoes offer unsurpassed craftsmanship and exceptional design.

Custom Fitted Golf Shoes

Don't let a bad pair of shoes ruin your game! Tauer & Johnson men's and women's classic golf shoes are fitted with Champ Scorpion and Champ Tred-Lite spikes. They never go out of style.

No Skimping on Craftsmanship and Style

Handcrafted by generations of shoemakers, Tauer & Johnson shoes are made in Leon, Mexico, the Shoe Capital of continental North America for the past 400 years! Quality materials, such as carefully selected North American Bison leathers and tough soles, are painstakingly assembled into a beautiful pair of footwear. Both water resistant and durable, bison leather recovers from stretching and wear better than other leathers.

Tauer & Johnson Custom Shoes